Our Mission

At Dance Moves of Charleston we want your child or teen to LOVE the way they feel when they are dancing. We work hard to promote and teach positive lessons that help your children feel confident in and out of the studio while receiving professional instruction on the technique of many dance genres.


We want your child to be a well-rounded, successful dancer!

Our Story

Dance Moves of Charleston was founded in 2002 by Jessica Beran.


Her vision was to have a dance studio that offered formal technical training to children while offering a nurturing family atmosphere. She started as a small mobile program and has grown to 3 locations around the Charleston area.  Jessica and her professional staff are passionate about their program and are so grateful for the many families that take part in it every year.

—From Our Dance Moves Family —


"Dance Moves is all about empowerment, encouragement, and happiness! I feel like Dance Moves is not just a studio, but a family!"

"Beginning our 7th year at Dance Moves. My daughter took her first class at her preschool and has been hooked ever since. The staff has a wonderful way of creating an amazing sense of community between the dancers while instilling a beautiful love of dance. I have enjoyed through the years watching my daughter grow into an energetic tapper, a graceful ballerina, a fearless acro, and a confident performer. Thank you so much Jessica and staff for an amazing 7 years., and looking forward to many more."

"You have been such an amazing role model for my daughter.  Her self-confidence has truly grown in the right direction.  Dance Moves is more than just a dance studio."

"Ms. Jessica and the Dance Moves team ROCKS!! My oldest daughter started at 3 at the Children's Museum with Jessica. She fell in love with dance and Jessica was so great and creative with the kids. We since moved to the studio on Folly road and participated in the recital last year. I can't wait to see them on stage again this summer. My daughter left the recital and asked if she could do it again the next day."​

"Thank you SO much for being such an amazing example to my daughter. I love the philosophy of Dance Moves and how warm and welcome we feel there. Everything negative I had ever heard about the dance world is totally untrue at Dance Moves. Just thank you!"


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