My daughter started here in 3rd grade and is now in 8th!  Dance Moves treats us like family and we feel lucky to have found such an amazing studio for our daughter to grow, not just in dance, but also in life!

- 5 stars

Fantastic studio with great teachers. Offers a variety of classes and taught in a creative and fun, yet structured way. Nice facility with 3 studios. Great summer camps, well-managed, nice recitals and performance opportunities. Wonderful community dance studio.

- 5 stars

Dance Moves has been a part of our daughter's life now for 6 years! The staff is always friendly, helpful, and very knowledgeable about dance for all ages! Our daughter always looks forward to going to class and comes out smiling!

A great local dance company. They are organized, easy to work with, communicate well with their families, offer a variety of classes and have great teachers. It's a low-key but professional dance experience for the kids. We've been with them for years and have never had a bad experience. highly recommend.

"Dance Moves is all about empowerment, encouragement, and happiness! I feel like Dance Moves is not just a studio, but a family!"

"Beginning our 7th year at Dance Moves. My daughter took her first class at her preschool and has been hooked ever since. The staff has a wonderful way of creating an amazing sense of community between the dancers while instilling a beautiful love of dance. I have enjoyed through the years watching my daughter grow into an energetic tapper, a graceful ballerina, a fearless acro, and a confident performer. Thank you so much Jessica and staff for an amazing 7 years. Looking forward to many more."

"You have been such an amazing role model for my daughter.  Her self-confidence has truly grown in the right direction. Dance Moves is more than just a dance studio."


"Ms. Jessica and the Dance Moves team ROCKS!! My oldest daughter started at 3 at the Children's Museum with Jessica. She fell in love with dance and Jessica was so great and creative with the kids. We since moved to the studio on Folly road and participated in the recital last year. I can't wait to see them on stage again this summer. My daughter left the recital and asked if she could do it again the next day."

"Thank you SO much for being such an amazing example to my daughter. I love the philosophy of Dance Moves and how warm and welcome we feel there. Everything negative I had ever heard about the dance world is totally untrue at Dance Moves. Just thank you!"

“The children all had a ball, and all of the adults loved watching them play, dance, and tumble! Miss Alexis was great, and everyone was very impressed with her.  Rosalie is still dancing around to the songs. Thank you, Jessica, and Miss Alexis for making Rosalie’s birthday so fun!”


“The party was awesome! Jessie and Raven did such an amazing job! All the parents have been talking about the square dancing, even telling me their kids keep talking about! Y’all might have more cowgirl parties on the horizon. Sydney had the best time.”


“This was one of our best parties yet!  Well organized and the staff was fantastic with the kids.  Super easy for us to just show up and party. Thanks for an excellent day!”

It's not easy to let​ your children go out of town without you, however I so very happy to know that she was in good hands and well looked after.  We are so thankful for all of the guidance, professionalism, and structure that you ladies always provide.