Virtual Classes

Our FULL 2019-2020 Season is now virtual!

We are also providing Virtual Class options for Summer 2020 in addition to our Summer studio class schedule. Click here to see our Summer 2020 programs.

Dance Moves is proud to offer our full 2019-2020 regular class schedule through Zoom Meetings starting Monday, May 4!

All virtual classes are conducted through Zoom Meetings.


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from Dance Moves owner Jessica Beran:

Virtual Class Updates & Information:

On Monday, May 4 we will recommence a full schedule, with Zoom-based class and rehearsals running at “normal” class times. The Virtual Class schedule we promoted throughout the month of April will no longer be used - we will be resuming our regular 2019-2020 Season schedule on Zoom. This is essential to keep our dancers joyfully engaged, physically conditioned, and well-connected with their friends and teachers. Dance Moves is lucky to have 20 of the best instructors in the biz, and it is our intention to keep them on through this time and maintain continuity with their students. Please watch for Zoom links to your respective classes, which will be sent out the day prior to your regularly scheduled class times (pre-April, and including our Traveling Program). Links for Monday classes will be sent out on Friday. The same link will remain active for your child’s class(es) through the end of May; we will not send a new link each week, but please let us know if you misplace yours and need it sent again.

Bear with us as we work through any technical difficulties or issues that may arise during this first week of our full class schedule. We will have extra staff on standby ready to help and resolve any tech-related obstacles!

*Please note classes will not run the “normal” full time.  We will need to transition between classes and we have found that Zoom goes much quicker in covering material.  We assure you your child will leave class feeling accomplished and excited!


Need help connecting to our Virtual Classes?

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